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Priya (Maamala's)

256 Hoe Street,

London, E17 4AX   map

Tel : 020 8520 5552


Last night we ordered food from Priya, and I really wish we hadn't. We
waited almost 2 hours for the home delivery; we had been told it would
be with us within 40 minutes.

When it eventually arrived it contained one less curry than ordered,
neither of the two Naans or the extra side dish requested, and was
almost sub-zero in temperature.

It arrived via Cabbie, who had been given a wrong address, and was
expecting us to pay both for the delivery and possibly for his wasted
time. This was news to us, as my friend had paid by card when placing
the order.

Priya offered us no real apology, but did say we could have the same
meal again the next day if we ordered (and presumably paid for) it.

We were starving, so reheated the food, only to discover that there was
a large amount of what appeared to be grated plastic in the rice.

It is a realistic prediction that we will not be using them again.
Posted 12th September 2011


My wife and I fancied a Sri Lankan last night, and, reluctant to abandon our beloved dog as usual, we ordered a delivery from Maamala’s.  Smashing!  It took a while to arrive (ordered at 9:35pm), by taxi as usual (seems a sensible arrangement!). For £31.80 we found we’d ordered FAR too much – the portions were more generous than expected. My favourite was the Ginger Mutton curry: rich and spicy without being cloying, and complemented perfectly by plain string hoppers (disks of light rice-based vermicelli).  We’d started with Chicken 65, a hot fry of chicken with onions and spices which was well-received. We also had Maamala’s Special Pittu Kotthu, a generous combination of meat and fish in a base of pittu (which is a crumbly light starch based on ground flour) and Kotthu, flakes which I think are originally more like a bread than anything else (don’t quote me). Also  Dhal Spinach (again huge), and a light and sweet coconut paratha. All really tasty, and like most Sri Lankan food, lighter and less deadening than Bengali cuisine, which can be loaded with ghee and other heavy oils.  My order was taken over the phone by a friendly waiter who spoke great English (other local establishments could well copy) who laughed at my attempts to explain how hot I wanted it - don’t tell a Sri Lankan waiter you know what you’re doing and want it HOT, at least until Walthamstow fire station is open again. He got it just right – exhilarating without discomfort. Maamala’s was formerly the Priya, and seems to be keeping up the standard – crucially with the use of good quality ingredients. Recommended.


Posted 31st May 2011
Philip Herlihy

We’d always liked the Priya, although once or twice we’d thought the food from the Palm better. I’ve just sent you a glowing review of the Elephant God – the reason we went there was because the Priya didn’t answer their phone to take my take-away order! I checked and they were indeed open (just busy at the time, I guess) and I picked up a take-away menu. They are now called Maamala’s*

We’ll try them again, and report back. Phone number is the same.



Posted 10th June 2010

Philip Herlihy

* Priya is still the name above the door. So until such time that this changes the site will refer to this restaurant as Priya.


Just to let you know that Priya is under new management now and sadly it doesn't bode well. Used to be a real regular there, great food, nice waiters, friendly to families but alas the new management don't seem to have got to grips with the menu or the service... might be worth sending along a new reviewer in a week or so? The new management urged us to go back and try it in a few weeks but I'm not sure. The food was decidedly average and took ages to arrive. Sad days!

Posted 16th March 2010
Liz H 


Posted 18th January 2010


My experience of priya is certainly better than below. my girlfriend and I eat there regularly, either a quick supper or a full meal and we have taken my sons and her daughter and every time the food has been excellent and the service friendly and attentive. the decor may not be the usual Indian type and that is what we like, it is clean light and airy and the cost is acceptable.

Steve and Sacha



Posted 7th December 2009,


Good food, but terrible service, and very cold room!




Posted 29th October 2009

A 10% hike in prices even though the ‘old’ menu was only put through our door the day before? A bit strong and there is competition for the Sri Lankan foodie now just down the road.


Posted 12th Jan 2009

Went into Priya yesterday, Sunday 11th at around 5pm. There were two tables occupied, unfortunately the restaurant looked a bit of a mess, the tables were not laid and they looked very disheveled. We waited for somebody to come out and seat us and waited and waited, then we just gave up.


Posted 9th January 2009


Have been to Priya a few times now and have found food to be good, service very friendly, albeit a bit slow at times.
The one thing that puts us of slightly is those bare white walls, which seems to make the place lack atmosphere, even though they do have candles on the table. Definitely worth a try though.

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