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The Village  

31 Orford Road

Walthamstow   , 

London, E17 9NL   map

Tel: 020 8521 4398

Village web site

I love this pub. We normally go on Sat evenings and it’s perfect, not too busy or too empty, just the right balance. They have Erdinger on draught (only pub for miles) and great ales. Food is gorgeous, had the veggie burger and my husband the veggie curry.

Both delicious! Staff friendly and polite. What more do you want? AAAAAA+++++

Posted April 9th 2013

VERY children/family unfriendly. Arrived today with wife and pram. 
The first thing we noticed was the sign on the door: "this is not a playground" 
and an explanation that "because of health and safety, prams must be 
kept in the garden". My wife then entered to ask if we could have lunch there, 
explaining that we had a baby in a pram with us. The member of serving staff 
said that this wasn't a problem, so we then entered with pram. Straight away, 
another member of staff (think he may have been the manager?) marched up 
to us and asked us to leave, saying that there was no more room for another 
pram (it should be pointed out that the pub was half empty). 

As we then tried to explain that the first member of staff had told us to come in, 
he cut us off, saying "there is a sign outside, you know!" and marched 
away again. Stunned, we left and had a pub lunch at a far more family 
friendly pub, namely the Rose & Crown in Walthamstow... 
We will never be returning there again.
R Gillet
Posted 10th April 2012

As part of our wedding celebrations we decided that we would take our  
wedding guests amounting to about 70 people including children for a  
quick drink at the Village pub before moving on to our reception. We  
visited the pub to warn them a couple of weeks earlier so that they  
would not be overwhelmed.  We are local people and enjoy living in  
this community known as Walthamstow Village. We would not have been  
there longer than an hour and we hoped we might hire the snug for an  
Imagine our surprise and shock to be told by the manager, without any  
hesitation, that we would not be welcome at this pub as there would be  
too many people for them to cope with. When we went in it was a  
Saturday afternoon about 2pm and there may have been 5 customers in  
there. Our group would have been there between 5pm and 6pm and it was  
clear to me that the pub would not be busy. I thought the manager was  
unfriendly and it has got to be the only pub manager to reject such  
easy money in Britain! In my opinion this person wants a very easy  
life and I will never go in this pub again. If there is a worst pub in  
Britain award I will be entering the Village Pub.
Tim Gardner
Posted 28th April 2011

I've lived in Walthamstow for over 4 years and have always avoided this 
pub having listened to comments from friends.  My partner and I ended up
in there at the weekend and sadly we've no plans to go back.  
The staff were downright rude and when the hot snacks we ordered were 
delivered, they were chucked onto our table - so much so that the chips 
nearly bounced out of the bowl and all this was one without a word from the 
waitress. There was very little communication from the staff and we got the 
sense that they didn't even like each other. It's a shame because it could 
be a really good pub.
Posted 13th September 2010

The hotly awaited reopening of the Village pub is upon us and I'm sure that regular visitors will be keen to hear whether the toilets have reached the standards that we were all hoping for! Well, after years of paddling around and holding my nose with my left hand while adjusting other things with my right I can finally say that it's time to relax.
Having got the important stuff over with, a little about the pub itself...
There used to be something soothing about calling into the Village. It was familiar, dark, a little smelly and a bit like a pub. Now it's more like a wine bar with bright lighting, newly upholstered seats and a fair amount of rebuilding. On entering it seems considerably bigger probably due to the fact they have removed the top half of the traditional high bar. And on moving to the rear of the building it becomes evident that the builders have reclaimed part of the pointless and unused passageway built between the front and rear of the building in the early 90s to conform to licensing restrictions which then insisted on a separate entrance for children. They have also opened up the ceiling in this area and incorporated a skylight.
On moving into the garden I was struck by the small amount of seating for such a large space. Hopefully the benches are on order
* Another curiosity here is the piece of reclaimed land in the top left hand corner of the garden which according to my sources has always been owned by the pub. Better order another couple more benches!
Before the pub closed for the refurb customers were promised a new menu which when I visited was not in evidence - hopefully this will arrive with the benches.
Overall the new Village feels really quite different. It's not unpleasant but I cant help feeling I'll miss the old one, paddling and all.

The Village is owned by small independent pub chain Foundation Inns for more information and a more corporate view of The Village visit their web site They describe The Village as a Pub/Restaurant which, having recently eaten there, I can assure you it is not.

*We revisited two weeks later and the you cant walk through the garden without bumping into a bench!

The Village garden now contains the world's largest garden umbrella*.



June 22nd 2009


Posted 11th January 2010

I just went to The Village after a year hiatus having been put off by the Wetherspoon refurb and the bright lights. Me and my friends have missed the crumbly man pub that it once was, which has been replaced with white marker pen beer boards and white walls - why don't old boozers get the fact that we like going to old boozers damn it! If you're busy landlords- please don't change a thing. Please! Otherwise we stop coming.

Anyway, I hoped, and with a little squint at the decor went along - taking my newly moved to Walthamstow friend along for Sunday roast. I actually didn't mind it. Whilst I wouldn't stay for the night. There are still the booths at the front which are cosy and you can find less lit-up bits and its quieter than the Nags (who blast out Sunday jazz - but usually very pleasant) and the Castle (who recently allow kids - an unwelcome recent addition, nothing against kids but not with my Leffe thank you).

I went for the vegetarian roast (cheesy and pastry fuelled heart attack)  and my friend the lamb. Big portions, quickly served, price a bit steep (£8.95 - I think), not quite enough gravy for me but as roasts go it was pretty good. Friendly staff, good ale, warming after a snowy walk. I'd recommend for a beer and food. But if your going for aesthetics go for the tapas place across the way


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Being in the heart of Walthamstow Village this pub will always attract a reasonable trade and to be fair it does have a lot going for it, but I feel, without fully reaching its potential. The atmosphere is generally relaxed. Week nights it can be rather quiet, Tuesday night is quiz night which is very popular and not too highbrow, definitely worth getting a team together for those ''cash prizes''.

There is a small understated TV on one wall which does not carry Sky and is rarely used, and  two gaming machines. The Village has a huge garden at the rear which gets very busy during summer weekends but is hopelessly underused in the winter due to lack of shelter and heat. 

Traditional pub fare is sold here at reasonable prices which attracts local lunch trade. Food is available Monday to Thursday from 12-3 and 5-8, Friday 12-3 only. Saturday and Sunday from 12-4. Some highlights along with the regular chip based meals are Tortilla wraps and Mexican pizza ( the chef may well be from South America ). Sunday lunch is beef, pork, chicken or the strangely phrased ''vegetarian of the day''. All at a strangely priced £7.75.

Ales are generally in good condition, and the Guinness is always above average. Lagers are as cold and sparkling, as you would hope to find them. Wines are basic and not too offensive. I like the Village but unfortunately it seems to be a little under funded and hence treading water.

Sept 08

Posted 18th March 2009
Child friendly with surprisingly good food (sourced from local butchers).
second only to the Nags, but a good above average local. Would benefit
from a minor facelift, but to be fair the wife thinks I'm no Brad Pitt myself!
A rough diamond. 




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