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Ye Olde Rose and Crown

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Ye Olde Rose and Crown 
53 Hoe Street
London, E17 4SA   
Tel 020 8509 8095 
Web site

I had an absolutely great night at the rose and crown. Good gig,  
poetry, vintage pop up shop, real ale, 1920s-50s disco, free mince  
pies...Will definitely go back, possibly tomorrow!
Laura, e17
January 2010

Gone are the rather strange suits of armour, fake weapons and farming implements that used to adorn the walls of this large Victorian pub. Since March 2008 Ye Olde Rose and Crown has been under new management. Their aim is to turn this pub into a theatre bar and haven of culture and they regularly have fund-raising events to buy lighting, rigging, seating, curtains, sound equipment, microphones - everything in fact! I wonder how much or little money they started with, but I support their ideas of bringing a little culture to Hoe Street.
Despite the venture being unfinished. The Rose and Crown is currently host to various live music and arts events including the monthly McGuffins  (a very worthy organisation ) Film and TV Quiz. This is a notoriously difficult quiz and you should only attend after years of research or if you are a film and TV nerd as humiliation can occur.
We visited the Rose and Crown on a couple of occasions recently as a preamble to reviewing Dhakar and Cumin's which are also on Hoe Street. The atmosphere was good on both visits (despite the door security which always makes me feel less secure) with the slightest hint of 'Islington'. Since the revamp I'm sure the curious smell that has always haunted this pub has now all but gone. 
The ale is well kept and the lager cold and fizzy. Prices are keen with a pint of premium lager costing £2.85. Guinness is average - which is good, and on both Friday evenings the Rose and Crown was virtually full.
Whether the chap who approached our table on our last visit was, as he said, ''the resident pub magician'' I very much doubt but he was a genuinely clever and professional card sharp who kept us entertained for a good ten minutes.
The Rose and Crown now also boasts free wireless internet access. 
Support you local arts pub. There are full details on the 
Rose and Crown web site.

Editor - January 09

Posted 26th Non 08...

I love the Nags Head, but for those of us not based in the village, it's great to have another choice of pub that's more centrally located. So, I'm happy to have recently re-discovered the Rose and Crown. Although it doesn't have the same ambience, I have been greeted warmly by the bar staff on every visit, which goes a long way to making a pub welcoming. In addition, they always have a choice of 2 or 3 well-kept real ales: I can recommend the 'Pure Gold' this week. Worth a try when the village is just a bit too far.

Debbi Coleman


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