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This is a list of restaurants reviewed by the site and its visitors. Click on the many links available to read full reviews.
Restaurant Guide A-Z
Bengal Curry House Indian 
Chennai Spicy  Indian
Cinar  Anatolian (Turkish)
Dhaka Tandoori  Indian
Eat17 Modern European
Forest Tandoori  Indian
Istanbul     Turkish
Kemer  Turkish
La Cafeteria  Modern Mediterranean
La Hacienda  Mexican
La Ruga  Italian
Mondragone  Italian
Orford Saloon  Tapas
Peking Chef  Chinese
Priya  South Indian
Raja Tandoori  Indian (Bengali)
Shish Mahal     Indian
The Palm  Sri Lankan (Closed)
The Windmill  Portuguese Tapas
Uffizzi Italian
Village Kitchen  Modern European

The Bengal Curry House 

24 St James Street


London, E17 7PF   map

Tel : 0208 520 0385

A little gem of an Indian restaurant tucked away behind St James Street station...More


18-20 St James St 


London, E17 7PF   map

Tel : 0208 520 2783.

We went here yesterday around 5pm. The staff were very friendly and the food was very good...More

Dhaka Tandoori  

103 Hoe Street

London, E17 4SA   map

Tel : 0208 521 5151

Where in Walthamstow to go on a Monday night? Our current favourite restaurant was closed... More


28-30 Orford Road,


London, E17 9NJ  map

Tel: 020 8521 5279

Eat17 has reopenedafter substantial changes to the premises... More...

Chennai Spicy 

218 Hoe Street 

London, E17 4SA   map

Tel : 0208 521 5458
Closed 2013
I understand the faces at the Elephant God are new, but I’m pleased to report the food is still delightful... More

Forest Tandoori
Forest Tandoori 102 Wood Street

London, E17 3HX  map
020 8520 6058

I haven't been to every Indian restaurant in E17 but I reckon you would find it difficult to find one better than this... More


154 Hoe Street, 

London E17 4QH

Tel 020 8509 1081

We use this place quite a lot.  It's unpretentious, good food: grills (meat and fish), salads, rice, Turkish starters...More


154 High Street

London, E17 7JS  map

Tel : 0208 521 1546
Closed 2012
The owners of Kemer decided that the Market needed something different... More

La Cafeteria  

841 Forest Road


London, E17 4AT   map

Tel : 0208 527 1926

I hadn't expected much of a restaurant with a modest name on a dreary stretch of Forest Road... More

La Hacienda 
134 Hoe Street 

London, E17 4QR   map

Tel : 0208 509 1555

Closed 2014
La Hacienda - sounds very Mexican doesn't it?.. More

La Ruga
La Ruga  

59 Orford Road


London, E17 9NJ   Map
Tel 020 8520 5008

A taste of Italy on your doorstep? La Ruga is a small, warm and friendly restaurant in the... More


25-27 Orford Road


London, E17 9NL   map

Tel 020 8503 6831

The menu at the recently reopened Mondragone contains a staggering 24 pizzas, 24 pasta dishes and 14 meat and fish options...More

Orford Saloon  

32 Orford Road


London, E17 9NJ    map

Tel : 0208 503 6542

Walthamstow Village needed a tapas bar and in 2006 it got one, and not a bad one at that... More

Peking Chef
Peking Chef 

178 Hoe Street
London, E17 4QH   map
Tel. 020 8520 5918

Hoe Street has a plethora of Chinese takeaways and the Peking Chef is one of them - but its also a restaurant... More


256 Hoe Street

London, E17 4AX   map

Tel : 020 85205552

Have been to Priya a few times now and have found food to be good, service very friendly, albeit a bit slow at times... More

Raja Tandoori  

224 High Street, 


London E17 7JH   map

In reading reviews for restaurants in E17 I was appauled to see that 
a restaurant, my personal favourite was not listed among them... More

Shish Mahal 

815 High Road Leyton
London E10 7AA 
020 8556 6717

The Shish Mahal is just over the border in Leyton. It is simply the best small Indian restaurant in NE London... More

The Windmill  

18 High Street

London, E17 7LD    map

Tel. 020 8521 8544

I love the Windmill. So do my friends and my two teenage boys... More


735-755 Lea Bridge Road,


London, E17 9DZ   map

Tel 020 8509 2259

Once commended by Time Out magazine as selling ''the best pizza in London'' the Uffizzi  has long been very popular in the area... More

Village Kitchen
Village Kitchen  

41 Orford Road,


London, E17 9NJ    map

Tel. 020 8509 2144

The atmosphere was pleasant with that modern brown and burgundy furnishing that is so often found in contemporary restaurants...More


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