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The Nags Head  

9 Orford Road, 


London, E17 9LP   map

Tel: 020 8520 9709

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Been going to Nags Head for 20+ years and tonight decided to try their food for the very first time big mistake - after 1 hour 30 mins waiting gave up. Service for drinks was slow and with such a lovely weather wash surprised not more staff on. Ordered food and waited ....waited and waited. Checked at bar and after 1 hour told it would be there in 10 mins, in the end gave up and cancelled. Poor attitude at bar I get they are busy but they should have told us that we would have to wait so long time for our food. As wouldn't have bothered if we'd known. 
Nags have a lovely garden but need to step up - there is a lot of competition now and people will vote with their feet. Shame.

12th July 2013

I visited the nag’s head on Saturday for a drink and food, we traveled down from Harwich in Essex and came across this pub, we were welcomed by the landlady flossy ,very, very friendly ,we tasted the lovely selection of wines and real ales, the meal was very nice.

Would recommend this pub to anyone wanting and nice wine and meal to chill out.

Diane (Harwich)
8th April 2013



The Nags Head now has an 'Italian Kitchen', run by a proper Italian chef.
The pizzas are thin and crispy and pretty good, with a choice of about ten (if you include the never changing 'specials' menu). Word of warning... Service can be a bit slow during busy periods. All in all the addition of food to this already popular venue is a positive one - even if you think the last thing the village needs is another pizza outlet!

Editor Feb 2013

AVOID AVOID AVOID! If you don't want children in your pub/garden then put signs up saying so. Signs as we entered told us children were allowed in the garden until 7.30pm and to leave pushchairs in the alleyway. We sat in the furthest most corner where the two 3 year old’s in our party played and laughed but not in an excessive manner as to disturb other drinkers in the garden. We were approached after purchasing our drinks by in my opinion the rudest landlord in London who demanded in a very angry, aggressive and nasty tone that he, and I quote him directly " I don't want to hear your kid's laughing, I don't want them moving or talking. I don't even want them in my pub or garden. I want them quiet, sitting down in a chair" After speaking to friends who've visited this pub they have had similar experiences with the landlord/lady. Several have commented on the management's weird and erratic behaviour and lack of social skills for people in their position.

Posted 3rd October 2011


The Nags now has it's own web site and a much needed new wine list. This has been very carefully researched by the pub's wine expert and host of their monthly wine tasting events. (Well done Sean. It must have been It's a tough job but someone had to do it.)

November 2009

I'm sure it's no coincidence that the exterior of the Nags Head has recently undergone redecoration - after all, every other pub in the village has done it. (Particularly that Mrs. Jones at number 22.)
The Nags has also invested in a couple of rather posh awnings in the back garden to replace the tent. I've yet to see them in full action but if the management ever deem it cold enough to put one of the new heaters on I'm sure the customers and the energy conservation bods will all be very pleased.

October 2009

An odd place. Books, real ales, fruit beers, the decor of the Wheel-Tappers & Shunters Social Club, a weekly jazz band (4 musicians playing different songs at the same time) and no food. It also has the worlds largest (known) collection of notices. There are notices for everything - no food, unless bought there (they don't sell any), no kids after 19:30, keep the noise down, no pushchairs beyond this point, bicycles go here. There are at least 3 of each plus the ones inside the pub! 
Oh, and the pub cat died 3 years ago but they are too upset to discuss the matter at this time. In case you forget, there's a notice to remind you.

November 2009


The Nags Head describes itself as contemporary and compared with other E17 pubs it is. The simple decor is enhanced by old film and music pictures in frames on the walls, The atmosphere is generally polite and pleasant. The Nags attracts wine bar types from the Village area and beyond. There are no screens, jukebox or gaming machines and music is piped by barstaff. Warning - this pub gets very busy at weekends so arrive early to get a seat. Also expect occasionally to wait for what you may consider to be too long at the bar despite healthy staffing levels.
The real clincher for The Nags are the outdoor areas. There are tables outside the front on a quiet stretch of Orford Road and a large area at the rear is warmed with patio heaters during the long winter months. There is also a covered marquee area that's ideal for smokers on cold dark nights. 
Monthly wine tasting events and weekly live Sunday jazz music help to raise the profile of this very popular local. On Monday nights The Nags Head plays host to a figure drawing session held in the function room upstairs (not in full view of the public you'll be glad to hear!)

The Nags Head has an entry in the 2008 Good Beer Guide and, to be fair, the small and interesting selection of real ales are generally well kept. On my last visit the Harvey's was in excellent condition and very moreish and Mighty Oak's Oscar Wilde Mild a fine addition to their range of beers - it's not often you find a good pint of mild on draught. Lager tends to be on the flat and warm side, though, and given the prices this is no small matter. There is a good selection of wine, some good, some not so good, and an interesting selection of flavoured Belgian beers both on draught and bottled.
Unfortunately they don't serve food here but the Nags Head's sister pub the Castle does.

Sept 08  

Click here for an interesting history of The Nags Head courtesy of 

The London Drinker volume 31 number 3 June-July 2009

Posted 7th January 2009

As much as I like the Nags Head I have to say there really does seem to be something wrong with the lager - all premium lagers are usually flat and quite often warm, even in the winter! 
This has proved to be a problem with some of my friends who are often reluctant to meet here for this reason - it wouldn't be quite so bad if they weren't charging top prices for it. I would recommend that lager drinkers stick to bottled beer - another expensive option I know. The bitter is generally good but Guinness is average - poor.



Posted 18th March 2009
East end pub with west end prices. But certainly the most 
gentrified and, call me a snob, my favourite! Only complaint, not the
child friendliest (as no indoor area). And whatever happened to the 
Frulli on tap? (Bottled strawberry beer not the same). With the 
superb garden and music comfortably the best local. A hidden gem. 




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