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Mondragone Nouveau

25-27 Orford Road


London, E17 9NL   map

Tel  020 8509 1990 (new number)

Mothersí day lunch , a lovely , thoughtful set menu.

We come here regularly and Hugo and service are always fantastic....one bad meal in thirty years when regular chef was ill .

They made us a wonderful wedding lunch , three weeks ago...

All I would say is that bread and olives on the table would be nice ...and an extra veg. on the set menu ; other than that , always great , with a good , cheap , everyday lunch . 

10th March 2013

I was in Mondragone in orford road last saturday for celebrating a birthday party. We enjoyed alot because everything was very very good. The food was delicious and the service was very good as well. The food was very good and affordable. The staff was very smilly all the time and they served a lemoncello at the end of the beautiful evening. All the staff participated with us when we brought the cake for celebrating. Thank you sooo much to make a very nice evening memorable.
Last week i was in the Mondragone Resturant with my friends for celebrating a birthday party. It was very nice. The food was very delicious and the service was very good as well. All the staff was very smilly. We spent 2 hours and we really enjoyed that evening. I will go back very soon with my girl friend for a candlelight evening. I totally disagreed that the food was not good.

Posted March 13th 2012

Hi my name is Roger and I totally disagree with you guys I was there last night and I hade a nice time the staff is all friendly at all time.

Posted March 1st 2012

Although we appreciated we hadnít booked, but turned up at this restaurant at 8.30pm on a Saturday evening, we didnít get our starter until 10.15pm, after one and three quarter hours: we were not offered any sort of compensation either for our wait.  Our main course was not complete either and had to ask to take what we didnít have off the bill at the end of the meal; we didnít feel we could ask for our missing dish at the time our main meal was served because we didnít get any waiting time at all from any of the staff: the ordering and the serving was very quick with minimal attention.  None of the staff seemed to have any knowledge of their Italian menu either and couldnít explain it, and the food was very, very mediocre for the price.  On the whole the evening was tremendously disappointing as we were recommended to use Walthamstow Village: after this experience I canít help but feel that the ĎVillageí experience is overrated.

Posted 20th February 2012

Just to say...............the owner is not shuffling bits of paper adding up takings???!!!!!!! Ė he is merely doing the receipts for when a customer requests it.....in other words if someone has two starters Ė two mains and two desserts then obviously the owner has to add up the prices to get to the final result!! Ė it really is stupid what you have said....and obvious what the owner is doing....if you were being a bit more nosey and kept watching you would have seen him/her taking the bill to the table! winds me up people like you talking a load of rubbish Ė but glad to see that you are now putting on peoples comment re the Mondragone! Now lets see if you post this comment.....i bet not!

Takings would be added up out of sight of any customers which is after closing! common sense silly! Honestly!

Posted 20th February 2012
K Joannou

I have been to this restaurant many times over the last 20 years (started from when it was just an small interment Italian).

The food has always been good and the service sometimes good sometimes bad.

Last night we had booked a table to celebrate someone's birthday. The table they reserved for us was right by the door & with it being January meant everytime someone arrived you got a rather cold gust, we asked to move after our first course, which they did sort out - might I suggest that when customers book a table that you give them the best option and not the worst!

The service was very poor. Our starters arrived at different times, with the last one and least complicated (garlic bread) arrived after the other three had finished.

We had a problem with one of the main courses of pasta which had to be returned and was re cooked. It was a simple spaghetti, oil, garlic & chilli dish which they had obviously used something else rather than olive oil. It looked and tasted like the oil from a chip pan!

We asked for the bill which took around 13 mins to arrive which resulted in missing the Gospel Oak train!

When we were issuing for the bill, the guy who appears to be in charge brought the card terminal to the table. We explained all the problems we had experienced and he kept saying I'm sorry, I'm sorry in a very insincere way. He really wasn't listening to us and it felt like he couldn't wait to get away. It proved he wasn't listening as one of the card paying guests was in the toilet, we told him twice that he would have to wait as she was now in the toilet and he continued with processing the card and then asked for the pin number, so once again we told him she is in the toilet!

A very disappointing experience, with a real lack of customer satisfaction!!

Posted 8th December 2012




I just wanted to leave a review about the new Mondragone restaurant since it has reopened.


Saturday will be the 5th or 6th time we have been since its reopened and we love it. True the menu is pretty huge but thereís no rush to choose. I have been choosing from the right-hand side, the chicken, fish etc. I have had the chicken pretty much every time because itís so lovely. The chicken kiev is rolled chicken on the bone with some sort of glaze. Cut into the chicken and out oozes the hot lovely garlic, together with the little roastie potatoes and spinach, its divine.


The garlic bread starter with rosemary is amazing value at £2.50. You can see the dough being expertly tossed in the kitchen with fresh rosemary added at the end. Dip this in your partners minestrone soup, yum.


The tiramisu is big and silky and creamy and we have almost always had a complimentary limoncello at the end. The price for all this at around £50 is excellent value as we also have the 1L carafe of wine. We are going back again tomorrow and I canít wait!


Thanks, Sara

Posted 12th December 2011

We went to Mondragone again on Friday, had pasta starter & pizza main, both very nice, but the nice thing is that they have listened to what the customers wanted and that was the lights to be dimmed. They have now done this and added a candle to the tables, this has really changed the atmosphere & has given it a more cozy feel.


Posted 12th may 2011

Take two adults too lazy to cook, a three year old on a scooter, and a balmy early spring evening. Add a re-launched Mondragone. Set your expectations at a realistic level. Be ready for a very warm welcome, a menu where the prices are much more reasonable that the Old Mondragone, and food which hits the mark because it is simple and well-done. We had Rigatoni Al Dragone (chilli, olives, anchovies and tomato sauce) and Gambarini Linguine, while our daughter had a ham and cheese pizza. The pizza was really good, while the pastas were pretty good for the price. The cold Italian beer was ideal, the desserts were decent enough (I think the same ones as the Old Mondragone used to serve, so theyíve either kept their supplier or found a load left behind in a freezer somewhere Ė but who cares we still enjoyed them), and it came to about £35 all in.

If you go to the new Mondragone expecting mind-blowing, challenging, meticulously sourced and fussed-over Italian food, then you probably need to be reminded that youíre actually closer to Walthamstow market than Borough market. However, if you want a decent meal at a neighbourhood restaurant, then I thought it was a good option. Unlike the Old Mondragone, where the boss used to count his money all the time at the counter and make you feel like a bit of a walking ten pound note, the staff were also really keen to be as friendly and helpful as possible. Good luck to them. As soon as they sort out payment by card, rather than cash only, letís hope they continue to provide the lazy and the young with a decent early evening option.

Posted 25th April 2011


The menu at the recently reopened Mondragone contains a staggering 24 pizzas, 24 pasta dishes and 14 meat and fish options along with half a dozen starters and the usual accompanying dishes.

Prices are cheaper than itís predecessor with a pizza or pasta for about £8. The staff, as mentioned below, are friendly and keen but unfortunately not too efficient Ė there seem to be some language problems along with a fair amount of confusion about the menu (mind you thatís not surprising - it would take some studying). We were offered olive oil for our side salad but when I asked for balsamic vinegar the waiter thought I was complaining about the food and sent the manager over.
Our shared starter - a tricolore salad was fresh but a bit tasteless with some rather bland mozzarella, and a distinct lack of dressing or herbs - reminding me a bit of Mondragone in its previous guise. Indecently thereís no salt and pepper on the tables so you have to ask for it Ė which is odd.
Final decisions for main course were a Siciliana pizza (tomato and cheese base with sun dried tomatoes and aubergines) and although the Italian Stallion was winking at me from the bottom of the list of pizzas I decide to be tempted by the even more oddly named pasta Lolita (a creamy goats cheese sauce, pesto, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts) I say pine nuts but to be frank I found 3 or 4 which was a shame as the penne pasta was cooked well and was quite tasty but could have done with some pine nuts. The crispy based, sparsely decorated Siciliana lacked ingredient and could have done with some fresh herbs to liven it up a bit.
The sweet menu was also substantial with a dozen pastry choices and a similar amount of ice cream variations including children friendly novelty ices.
One of the things about Mondragone that used to get up my nose was sight of the owner standing in the corner of the bar shuffling small pieces of paper Ė adding up his takings as the evening progressed. Well itís still happening, the current manager/owner was doing the same. And another similarity that you should be warned about is that the restaurant does not, as yet, accept card payments. We parted with £37 cash for our starter, 2 main courses, side salad and 3 Peroni beers Ė so itís not expensive.
Itís OK food but nothing to get too excited about. If you're just popping in for a quick pizza and youíve got time to read the menu it does the trick.
Is it better than it was? Of course it is

Or Maybe not, see review below...

Editor 4th April, 2011 

We went to Mondragone on its opening night. I have to say that it was truly awful.

The only moderately reasonable starter was a tricolore salad. Two of our party had a tomato meatball starter. The meatballs had the texture of vulcanised rubber.

I will only comment on my pizza but it takes some special talent to burn a pizza on the bottom, yet for the the topping to be watery and virtually uncooked. To their credit, they did refund the money for the food (we only paid for the wine) overall it was very poor indeed.

One star

Posted 18th April 2011

Went to Mondragone on Friday night. We started with a pasta and then had a pizza. Food was very nice and although the staff were really lovely, they were all very new and a bit amateurish, but they really wanted to please. It was a little chilly in there, but I am sure once word gets around that the food is good, oh and yes, they have put their prices down, which is great, the place will fill up.

We will most definitely return. Best of luck to them.
Posted 31st March 2011

All reviews below refer to this restaurant under previous management

This restaurant is closed.

October 2010

I've been to Mondragone twice now, and each time was a disappointment. The food is very low quality and the atmosphere uninspiring. The last time we went we tried their pizza, thinking maybe they did that well and it was just the entrees and starters that were no good. We had three different pizzas. My response: I would have preferred one of those Sainsbury's 'Taste The Difference' pizzas.

Posted 21st May 2010

I feel more positive about this restaurant, surprisingly spacious inside and in a nice location.
The food was decent and reasonably priced. The pizzas were a generous size, tasty and varied.
A shellfish dish with pasta was brimming with seafood and very good.
We sat around a nice round table for 8 and were able to have a decent conversation without it being drowned out by loud music.
The minus points for me were:
There was a lack of atmosphere, even though a birthday celebration was catered for (dimmed lights, cake, cheers etc).
However, although I dislike a false and gushing service, I felt the staff could have been a little warmer. For quite a large restaurant, the one ladies' loo caused a queue...please note we need more loos!

I would go back though...couldn't really fault the food & wine.

Posted 23rd February 2009


Oh dear, I don't like to be negative but... I really can't see the attraction of this place, although many do. Having visited half a dozen times I now feel that the last time was indeed my last. The food is below average, pasta dishes are broadly tasteless, pizzas also bland. I have complained to staff members about the food and my comments have been met with scorn, which suggests complacency - probably due to the fact that Mondragone remains very popular. The last refurbishment has done nothing but increase prices with pizza and pasta now at £8 to £10.
Having been forced to go Mondragone a few times and eaten the blandest food I've tasted since my last visit to Whipps Cross, I foolishly decided to return one evening only to find the experience even less exciting. I plumped for a vegetarian lasagne, a choice which, I admit, would leave most people uninspired. However, this dish seemed to have been microwaved for a little too long as it took at least 10 minutes for me to be able to discover that it tasted no better than the an ASDA ready meal or maybe one of Kerry Catona's Icelandic treats.
My friend had a slightly more tasty dish of linguini with frozen prawns and a hint of garlic and dried parsley.
There was some excitement when on arrival we discovered Peroni, on draught. But when presented with the bill I realised I had paid £4.50 for a pint and £3.50 for a half. I questioned the price of the drinks and mentioned the fact that I was disappointed with the meal and was told by the owner the I was ''just miserable''. He was right, but not before I got there. Which begs the question. Why do people go to this place?

Aug 08


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