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Cafés and Coffee Shop Guide

There are many cafés and coffee shops in E17.
In this section we aim to include as many as possible. 
(From small beans mighty Cappuccino's brew).


La Cafeteria  

841 Forest Road


London, E17 4AT   map

Tel : 0208 527 1926


I hadn't expected much of a restaurant with a modest name on a dreary stretch of Forest Road between the College and Homebase. How wrong could I be!.. More


  La Cafeteria   Café/Modern Mediterranean
  The Windmill   Café/Portuguese Tapas
   Eat17 Café/Modern European
    Moonlight Café  Café/Greasy Spoon
   The Deli Café   Café/Coffee Shop
   Café Rio   Coffee Shop/Café
    Ricco's   Coffee Shop
    Riverside Café  Café/Greasy Spoon
    Corner Coffee Shop  Café/Greasy Spoon
    The Red Lounge  Coffee Shop/Café
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Café Blog Spot

Charming tea, coffee and cakes at Daisy's on 176 Hoe Street, close to the EMD.   Mary, May 2011

Good honest fry-up nosh available at Monoux Café on Chingford Road near the Dog and Duck. Monoux also have a café on Billet road.  Pat, May 2011

On 292 Hoe Street there is a large coffee shop, named Rio's. All of their staff are really lovely, friendly & happy people, which makes all the difference. They charge £1.50 for a very nice cappuccino All their food is very reasonable & nothing too much trouble for them.  S, June 2011



The Windmill  

18 High Street


London, E17 7LD    map

Tel. 020 8521 8544


I love the Windmill. So do my friends and my two teenage boys. Even on a dreary winter’s day, it brings back memories of warm summer holidays in Portugal... More



28-30 Orford Road,


London, E17 9NJ  map

Tel: 020 8521 5279


Below are recent reviews of Eat17 in it's restaurant guise. The premesis is however open all day and serves breakfast from 7am until 2pm, lunch is... More


Ricco's Coffee Shop 

64  High Street


London, E17 

Just to let you know, there is a new coffee shop opened in the High Street, called Ricco's... More


The Deli Café 

69 Orford Road,


London, E17 9NJ  map

The original mum and baby hangout in the village. Briefly closed it's doors to buggies... More




Moonlight Café 

143 Wood Street

Walthamstow  (opposite The Flowerpot )

London, E17 3LX

Congratulations to the Moonlight Café for being the first greasy spoon/working mans café to be included on this site...More







Corner Coffee Shop

Corner of Fulbourne and Forest Road

London E17 
map (underneath Beauty Avenue)

The Corner Coffee Shop used to be a rather grimy bakery come sandwich shop until the present owners decided to turn it into a full on greasy spoon café... More



Café Rio

85, High Street

London E17 7DB

Café Rio is primarily a coffee shop but the jewel in the crown is the shop it's self. The tables and chairs at the front... More



Riverside Café 

Riverside Cottage, Spring Hill
London, E5 9BL 

Tel: 020 8806 4448

An able bodied adult could throw a stone over the River Lee and it should land on the outside terrace of the Riverside Café* and although the Riverside is in E5... More


The Red Lounge 

313 a Hoe street
London, E17 9BG 

Tel. 020 85207826


It's a women only venue in the week, but it's for families at the weekend. I live just round the corner and have been in a few times and it's lovely...More







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