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The Windmill  

18 High Street


London, E17 7LD    map

Tel. 020 8521 8544

Windmill Web Site

I love the Windmill. So do my friends and my two teenage boys. Even on a dreary winter’s day, it brings back memories of warm summer holidays in Portugal. I regularly eat there, both at lunchtimes and in the evening. There is large, varied menu. As well as good selection of starters and main courses, there’s a separate tapas menu. During the day, the Windmill also prepares breakfasts, jacket potatoes, omelettes and paninis. I usually choose from the tapas menu. I particularly like the garlic prawns, the grilled sardines and the baked goat’s cheese. The food is always consistently fresh and tasty and the prices are reasonable. My lunch with salad, bread, soft drink and coffee usually comes to around £10.00. The cake counter looks great - I don’t have a sweet tooth, but occasionally I indulge in one of the little Portuguese custard tarts.
In the evening the atmosphere and lighting is pleasant and relaxing. In the day the lights are a little too bright and the music a bit loud for conversation. The front door doesn’t close automatically, so it can get draughty with people coming and going.
I have read reviews that the service is poor. I think the service is ok, I’d say more laid back. The staff are initially attentive, but then have a tendency to avoid eye contact once you’ve got your food. Having said that, I like the owner and his wife and I have never had a bad meal there. I also like the mix of people in the restaurant. It feels authentic and unpretentious. The Windmill has become popular with young mums and their babies and this adds to the relaxed atmosphere. It’s nice to have a place that makes children welcome, but because the tables are quite squashed together, the buggies can make the restaurant feel a bit cramped at lunch times. Oh well, I can’t wait to go again, the baked goat's cheese and patatas bravas awaits.



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