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Riverside Café 

Riverside Cottage, Spring Hill
London, E5 9BL 

Tel: 020 8806 4448


As a lifelong resident of the Springfield area I used to enjoy going for a coffee and cake in the cafe by the river. A year or more ago the owners changed and the prices increased, the quality of foods and drinks decreased, as did my visits.  The coffee in particular at £1.80 for a small cup was consistently bad. I began going to the main cafe in Springfield park which although expensive at £2.10 a coffee at least it was nice, hot and a decent size. .Also service with a smile, rather than a grunt.
My memory is short and today i thought a coffee by the river would be nice, I thought wrong. The young girl who served me seemed miserable as usual, I have teenagers so grumpy ones don't usually bother me but the atmosphere in this cafe was unpleasant, I ordered my fresh coffee and asked for a cup of tap water, the waitress merely said 'there's a sign' I looked at the sign which said 'no free water'  strange, but I left it as the girl was clearly angry about something, I was thirsty, it is not uncommon to have water with coffee and it was only myself and friend in there! whenever I pass by there it seems increasingly empty.
O.K. so I sat outside drinking my not very nice coffee when the manager comes out and i asked her why this was so, she told me that it was because people went in there spending £20 on food and asking for tap water to drink when they had lots more money, I told her that was a bit of a presumption and who could i write to to complain, I had spent my only £2 on rubbish coffee and get dehydrated easily, she then told me that she would deal with it but i never got water or an apology, in fact when I went back inside to use the toilet the vibe was terrible, such anger emanating from both women, again there was no-one else in the cafe and I made a quick exit.
Terrible, and I have drank coffee in many cafes around the world, that was the worst, coffee, service, atmosphere etc etc. I am currently trying to find a more productive way to complain about this and I'm a person who usually lets things go.

Posted 16th November 2010

An able-bodied adult could throw a stone over the River Lea from Walthamstow to land on the  terrace of the Riverside Café, so although the Riverside is in E5 (Clapton) we think it's close enough, pleasant enough and unusual enough to be included on this site. Don't try the business with the stone, though. You might hit somebody important.
The Riverside, as the name suggests, rests alongside the River Lea as it drifts past the north western corner of Walthamstow Marsh Nature Reserve, at the the bottom of Spring Hill (see map). The recently replaced bridge crosses the river to link Coppermill Lane path to this charmingly ramshackle building. The Riverside is also adjacent to Springfield Park and is an ideal and relaxing place to visit on those sunny days we so long for.
Apart from a liberal amount of chairs and tables on the canal front there is a small garden to the side and half a dozen tables inside. The Riverside gets quite busy at weekends, particularly on warm days, so don't be disappointed if you miss out on one of the riverside tables. The menu includes jacket potatoes, omelettes, sandwiches, baguettes and a small range of basic pasta dishes along with the usual fry-ups. There is also a children's menu.
If you've never ventured this far west you really should. The Marshes are one of the more attractive parts of Walthamstow and the Riverside café is a perfect place to rest while you watch the canal boats and members of Lea Rowing Club float past...

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View of the café from the bridge over the River Lea





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