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The Deli Café 

69 Orford Road, 

London, E17 9NJ  map

The original mum and baby hangout in the village. Briefly 
closed it's doors to buggies, but has reverted to a child and 
adult friendly hangout. Diverse daytime menu with relaxed and 
friendly service. Thumbs up to the Steak and ale pudding. 
Only downside, no baby changing.

Posted April 2009

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It was a glorious early spring day when we visited the Deli Café on Orford Road and the café looked very attractive in the late afternoon sun. While perusing the menu in the window we were greeted by the owner/waiter and made to feel very welcome. The Deli Café has a small menu comprising panini, salad, cold platters and warm dishes, namely suet puddings (currently off the menu) and pizza.
I was told by the waiter that the pizza was ''very nice'' and found it difficult to resist. A fruits de mare pizza was ordered along with a goat's cheese salad (which was not on the menu but was prepared for us with minimum fuss - awkward customers!). My friend ordered a tropical fruit smoothie to accompany her salad but was told that this item had proved ''too difficult”, and would she like a chocolate milk shake instead? ''No I don't like chocolate milk shake” was the reply. “But I make it with very good chocolate!'' countered the waiter. She settled for a bottle of water.
Our food arrived. The goat's cheese salad was pleasant and served with a generous amount of oil/balsamic dressing but with a slightly less generous amount of cheese. It was accompanied by fresh buttered (sliced) granary bread with dried oregano sprinkled on top, an nice touch and a good complement to the salad of fresh leaves, peppers and tomatoes.
My “mixed seafood” pizza was smoked salmon and anchovy with capers and extra mozzarella constructed around a previously frozen and slightly soggy margarita base - this was disappointing and expensive at £5.95 - a side salad would have helped to break thought the richness of the salt and cheese.
The Deli Café (which is not a deli) has a very pleasant, cosy atmosphere and I can understand its appeal to those that lunch. A poetry evening was advertised in the window but the café is generally open only during the day. I would go back but I'd give the pizza a miss next time.
If you visit The Deli Café maybe you should try chocolate milk shake!

April 2009




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